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01 June 2017 – A Five Star Review for A Scarlet Woman: The Fitzgeralds of Dublin Book One from Nicole at Books & Benches

“A Scarlet Woman is a real page turner, and I have no doubt that lovers of Irish tales will adore this story!” 

01 June 2017 – Cover revealA Scarlet Woman: The Fitzgeralds of Dublin Book OneA Scarlet Woman will be released on 6 September 2017 and will be available for pre-order from 6 August 2017

 06 April 2017 – My local library now stocks a copy of New Blood. Books can be suggested or requested for purchase for your local library via the library’s website, usually in the catalogue section. The details required for libraries to purchase and stock my print books are:

Title: Brotherly Love
Author: Lorna Peel
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781541002692

Title: New Blood
Author: Lorna Peel
Publisher: Crooked Cat Publishing
ISBN: 9781911381358

New Blood and Brotherly Love

02 February 2017 – A Five Star Review of Brotherly Love on Amazon US

“Very good read. It was good to feel a part of Ireland at that time in history. My grandparents were born there in the late 1800’s and emigrated to Canada in the early 1900’s. I bought the book this morning and couldn’t put it down all day.”

01 February 2017 – Brotherly Love is published!


10 January 2017 – A Review of Brotherly Love from Kathleen at Reading The Ages on Goodreads

“An amazing read! I am of Irish descent and know about this period but not faction fighting etc.”

01 January 2017 – The Brotherly Love paperback is published!


17 December 2016 – A Four Star Amazon Review of New Blood from Rachel at Rae Reads

“Curl up in a comfy chair and enjoy this intriguing romance!”

03 November 2016 – New Blood is published!

01 November 2016 – A Review of New Blood from Nikki Mason at Best Chick Lit

“Sophia and Thomas have obviously got the hots for each other from the start and this book really crackles with sexual tension. Add to that family secrets, a rambling house, a vengeful drug dealer and an array of calamitous parents and you’ve got one hell of a book!”

12 September 2016 – A Five Star Review of New Blood from Amanda Schnellenberger at Goodreads

“I must admit, I hadn’t heard of the author before and my expectations of the book were pretty low. I had no idea that I would be sucked in and completely absorbed with it for two days until I finished it! I fell in love with the characters flaws and all!…I found this book to be a great read. The author really drew me in and is an amazing story teller.” 

24 August 2016 – A Five Star Review of The Image of Her from Tina at A Reader’s Review Blog.

“Beautifully written…I enjoyed the author’s effortless writing style and captivating plot and character development.

24 August 2016 – New Blood is available to pre-order at  Amazon or Smashwords

02 August 2016 – The Facebook Online Launch Event takes place on 3 November 2016 and everyone is welcome to join!

02 August 2016 – The cover for New Blood to be published by Crooked Cat Publishing on 3 November 2016.


30 June 2016 – My interview in the July issue of The Big Thrill  the magazine of the International Thriller Writers Organisation.


27 June – A Five Star Review of The Image of Her from Anniek at With Love For Books

“Lorna Peel has written a fascinating story. She gives just the right amount of information and perfectly times when the reader is ready for something new. This kept me hooked and made me want to keep reading. Within the mystery and romance also lies the truth and the full story really shocked me. This is my first book by Lorna Peel and after reading The Image of Her I know it won’t be my last.” 

27 June 2016 – A Five Star Review of The Image of Her from Elaine at Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

“The plot had many twists and turns and was unique. I found myself reading when I should have been doing other things. I didn’t guess the whole truth until the author revealed it. I don’t think you would either.” 

10 June 2016 – New Blood will be published later this year through Crooked Cat Publishing

New Blood

10 June 2016 – A Four Star Review of The Image of Her from Alice at Romance Authors That Rock on and Goodreads

“This book is good. The character development is steady, and gives well developed characters.” 

07 June 2016 – A Four Star Review of The Image of Her by Poppy at Long and Short Reviews

“The Image of Her was a decent mystery that kept me turning pages.”

02 May 2016 – The Image of Her Review Tour will run from 6 June – 27 June 2016

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01 May 2016 – The Image of Her is featured in the Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter

10 March 2016 – A 4.5 Star Review of Only You by Alberta at Manic Readers

“…a nice little love story that I think you’ll enjoy.”

13 December 2015 – There is currently 19% off Only You at

13 December 2015 – There is currently 25% off Into The Unknown at

07 December 2015 –  Into The Unknown reaches No. 9 in 20th Century Historical Romance on

Amazon Canada a

07 December 2015 – Into The Unknown reaches No. 15 in 20th Century Historical Romance on


01 December 2014 – Into The Unknown is a gold winner in the AUTHORSdb 2015 Book Cover Contest!


24 November 2015 – A 5 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown on

“The story instantly draws the reader in from the first page and keeps one mesmerized until the last page is turned.”

08 November 2015 – Into The Unknown is now a BEST SELLER reaching #83 in 20th Century Historical Romance on

02 November 2015 – A 5 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown on and

“I had a real sense that I was in the hands of a storyteller who had done their research. Names, dates, places, music, and even attitudes felt authentic to the period.”

29 October 2015 – A 5 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown on and

“Lorna Peel delivers a heartfelt love story between adults who triumphed during the trials of WWII.”

20 October 2015 – A 5 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown by Tina Williams at A Reader’s Review Blog.

“Emotional and poignant, beautifully done!”

15 September 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown by Bee Halton at Butterfly-o-Meter Books.

“Delightful story with many twists and turns.”

08 September 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown on

“Into the Unknown is a fantastic look at the changes that took place in traditional relationships between men and women during the Second World War.”

21 August 2015 – A 5 Star REVIEW of Into The Unknown on

“True lovers of historical romance will be in their element and begging for more.”

19 August 2015 – A REVIEW of Into The Unknown by Bailey Ember at Texas Book Nook.

“I think Lorna Peel has done a great job of having a story that really takes you back to the time she is writing about…I enjoyed this romance immensely. It was very well done and the pacing was spot on.”  

17 August 2015 – A 5 Star REVIEW for Into The Unknown on

Excellent glimpse into life during World War II…”

16 August 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW for Into The Unknown on

“This book was really good. This book is great for people who love historical romances. It starts when England declares war on Germany and goes through to the end of the war. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romances as well as historical romances.”

04 August 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW for Into The Unknown on

“I found myself drawn into the story of Kate and Charlie, following them through the ups and downs of their relationship and of the war. I enjoyed the snippets of history intertwined with the story, there was enough for you to understand the major events taking place without it feeling like a history lesson. I felt the era was described realistically without being too horrific.”

12 July 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW for Only You on

“What a good story! Character development was excellent, the story flowed well. I really liked the fact the the main characters were written true to their age…An excellent job by the author.”

19 May 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW for Only You on

“A very nice read…All in all, a book I can see myself reading again.”

18 May 2015 – A 4 Star review for Into The Unknown from Mandie at FOXYLUTELY BOOKS.

“…an engrossing and in depth read with likeable and believable characters set amongst a time of history that I found fascinating. I would definitely recommend this to others. Four stars.”

13 May 2015 – A 4 Star review for Into The Unknown from Lacey Wolfe at Book Babe on AMAZON.COM

“I’d recommend this book. It was a well written romance that will keep your attention.”

05 May 2015 – Release Day for INTO THE UNKNOWN.


25 April 2015 – A 4 Star REVIEW for Into The Unknown from Carrie at Just One More Chapter.

“Lorna Peel did a wonderful job writing a story that keeps the reader engaged and I enjoyed every minute of the book.”

16 April 2015 – A 4 Star review for Into The Unknown from Jo at JaffaReadsToo on AMAZON UK

“I really enjoyed the story and was absorbed from the beginning in the way Kate and Charlie’s lives progressed. I genuinely cared about what happened to them, and testament to the author’s storytelling skill, I read the book almost in one sitting, as I wanted to find out how the story progressed.”

15 April 2014 – A 5 Star reader REVIEW for Only You on Amazon UK.

“Thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary romance from Lorna Peel. She told Jane and Robert’s story in a convincing and warm way, and they are believable and likeable characters, so I was rooting for them all the way through. Would highly recommend ‘Only You’ to fans of modern romance, and I spent some enjoyable hours immersed between its ‘covers’.”

30 March 2015 – The first REVIEW for Into The Unknown from Kelly-Lynne Reimer at Historical Fiction Addicts.

“If you love romance, World War 2, and want a different perspective of this time period, then Into the Unknown is a novel you will want to read.”

18 February 2015 – INTO THE UNKNOWN will be published on 5th May 2015.

01 December 2014 – Signed with TIRGEARR PUBLISHING for my historical romance INTO THE UNKNOWN.

Into The Unknown Picture Advert

28 November 2014 – My author INTERVIEW with Chick Lit Uncovered.

09 November 2014 – Read a fantastic excerpt from ONLY YOU at BELLES BOOK BAG.

07 November 2014 – I’m discussing my favourite books and authors at Gale Stanley’s BLOG.

06 November 2014 – I’m at Rachel Brimble Romance with a great INTERVIEW!

05 November 2014 – I’m at Kacey Hammell’s website with a fantastic INTERVIEW.

04 November 2014 – I’m at Renea Mason’s BLOG with a guest post on The Way I Write.

03 November 2014 – I’m discussing How I Write Emotions at Grace Marshall’s BLOG.


31 October 2014 – I’m talking Sisters from Hell at Charlotte Howard’s BLOG.

30 October 2014 – I’m at In the Pages of a Good Book with a fantastic EXCERPT from Only You.

29 October 2014 – I’m at Beth Art From The Heart’s BLOG discussing Only You’s (Other) Dramas.

28 October 2014 – I’m at Lynelle Clark’s BLOG with a fantastic excerpt from Only You.

27 October 2014 – I’m INTERVIEWED over at Books and Banter

26 October 2014 – ONLY YOU has received a Four Star Review on both AMAZON and GOODREADS.

“If you enjoy a fast read, a simple romantic tale with viable obstacles to be overcome, I would highly recommend this read.”

24 October 2014 – I’m at Laura Wilkinson’s BLOG with The Inspiration Behind Only You.

23 October 2014 – I’m at Smut and Bonbons with a POST on Living in the Public Eye.

22 October 2014 –  I am at Jenny Kane’s BLOG where I’m discussing Writing Genealogy Fiction.

21 October 2014 – I am at Celia J Anderson’s BLOG where you can Meet Only You’s Robert Armstrong.

20 October 2014 – The start of the ONLY YOU Blog Tour. I am at BEYOND ROMANCE where you can Meet My Heroine: Jane Hollinger.


17 October 2014 – I am featured on HEART OF FICTION.

17 October 2014 – Only You RELEASE DAY!

release day

16 October 2014 – My AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Fiona McVie.

14 October 2014 – Only You is available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords.

14 October 2014 – Published my short story On Your Own?

23 September 2014 – The Only You BLOG TOUR will run from 20 October 2014 to 07 November 2014.


20 September 2014 – Cover Reveal for Only You.

Only You by Lorna Peel - 100

10 September 2014 – Cover Reveal for On Your Own?

THIS ONE OnYourOwn-darkerblue

04 September 2014 – Only You on Goodreads.

03 September 2014 – My author and book page on the Tirgearr Publishing website.

28 August 2014 – Signed a contract with Tirgearr Publishing to publish Only You.

05 December 2013 – Due to the increasing volume of SPAM, I’ve been forced to disable all the comments on my blog. Sorry.

The Romance Review

21 October 2013 – Only You has been selected as one of The Romance Reviews Reviewers’ Top Picks in Romance for October! See Page 71.

“ONLY YOU by Lorna Peel is a fabulous romance about trust in relationships under a microscope…I also love how vulnerable Robert is with Jane and how he fights for their relationship. Best of all, none of the character development is plagued with stereotypical, melodramatic fluff that so often ruins a great novel….Overall, this was a fabulous novel!”

17 September 2013 – A Five Star Review of Only You at The Romance Reviews.

“ONLY YOU by Lorna Peel is a fabulous romance about trust in relationships under a microscope. In this case, under the ever-hungry, watchful eyes of the paparazzi. The novel encourages a “don’t believe everything that you read” philosophy, which is especially important in this age of the Internet. I give it five stars.”

13 September 2013 – Added Into The Unknown to Goodreads. images

08 June 2013 – My Author Database Page is in the Top 100 most popular pages.

05 June 2013 – Disabled some comment options to keep the website tidy but left the comments open on Contact Me Page.

01 June 2013 – My author page on Author’s Den.