The Fitzgeralds of Dublin Series

Book One: A Scarlet Woman

Dublin, Ireland, 1880.

Dr Will Fitzgerald hadn’t planned to visit a night in a brothel on the eve of his best friend’s wedding. Paired with ‘Rose Green’, and just jilted by his fiancée, another woman should be the last thing on his mind. So why can’t Will stop thinking about his night with her?

Isobel Stevens was schooled to be a lady, but a seduction put an end to all her father’s hopes for her. Disgraced, she travelled to Dublin, and now sells her body. When a handsome young doctor advises her to leave the brothel, she considers her future. But can Isobel escape her past? Or will she always be seen as a scarlet woman?

A Scarlet Woman will be published in September 2017.

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